Relax, And Enjoy Life With Massage!!

Treatment Descriptions

ACUPRESSURE & JIN SHIN JYUTSU® - Ancient healing arts using finger pressure on key points to release tension, promote circulation and enable deep relaxation.

SWEDISH MASSAGE – Swedish massage is an all time favorite to alleviate stress and tension as well as stimulate circulation, remove toxins, oxygenate tissue, and repair the affects of stress or disease.  Long, flowing strokes and kneading those tight muscles will bring you to a wonderful relaxed state of being.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE - Increased pressure and focused Swedish massage on deeper muscles will leave you with increased flexibility and relaxation.  Whether for sports or general well being deep tissue is a beneficial choice.

RELAXING HOT STONE - Travel to the most relaxing location in the world without leaving the Verde Valley!   Each stone releases deep heat into your muscles as it glides over your body.  The warmth will take you away to a mind altering point before you are massaged back to the real world..if you want to return!!!

REFLEXOLOGY – Reflexology is the ancient art of hand, foot or ear massage that utilizes reflex points that correspond to different areas and organs in the body.  By applying pressure to these areas we can affect change throughout the body.

REIKI – Reiki is the combination of universal energy and individual energy to open pathways of healing.  This energy healing method aligns chakras and brings healing energy to organs and glands.

CHAIR MASSAGE - Chair Massage is a great way to reward your employees and also help them stay as productive as possible. Also great for parties, promotional events, family gatherings, bridal showers, etc.  Call about prices for special events or at your business (minimum 1 hr scheduled in advance)

ANIMAL HEALING - I also work on domestic animals that have health challenges.  Mainly using Reiki and Acupressure which animals readily accept and these type of sessions can benefit them.



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