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Read what my clients say about me:
"When I get a massage from Marie no matter how tight or knotted my muscles are when I arrive, she works them out without hurting me. Marie's professionalism and knowledge add to the entire experience. When Marie does energy work at the end of my massage it's like the icing on the cake! I highly recommend her." Christina L. 
"My every-other-weekly massages are part of my fitness regimen.  Mental, emotional, and physical.  I'll give up chocolate before I'll give up my massages! I sure do miss you when I'm in Hawaii!  There's nobody like you.  My back relaxes and I smile just thinking about getting one of your massages."  Hugs, C
"Best hands in the desert.... That's how I would describe Marie. But, her hands are not all that is notable about her. Marie is a sensitive, wonderful person who makes you feel like a million."   SilverladyAz  
I came in carrying stress in my neck and shoulders, pain in my lower back, and a deep need for comfort. I left the stress and pain on the massage table and took the care and comfort home with me. Marie's hands are nothing short of magical." Lisa H. 
"My husband and I have been seeing Marie for massages for about two years now.   We are both so very satisfied with the wonderful and helpful treatments we receive.   With regularly scheduled massages, we have been feeling SO much better!  We highly recommend Marie for her skill, kindness, caring and undivided attention!"    Nancy and Joe B. 
When medication didn't end the neck and shoulder pain and I wasn't sleeping for the charlie horses in my legs I called Marie. After 1 hour with her I no longer had neck pain, I was relaxed and enjoyed a good night sleep that night and was a new person the next day. Before, I spend a co-pay for a doctors visit and medication I get a massage. It's better than an apple at keeping the Doctors away ( > :            Patty G from Mayer Arizona     
"I have been a recipient of massage for 15 years and I'm very particular in choosing my massage therapist. When I moved to Arizona, I was hesitant in finding another therapist but Marie totally won me over with the very first massage. She’s extremely knowledgeable, grounded, and tuned into her client. Her positive energy translates into a very healing environment and she finds just the right techniques and pressure to meet my needs." Janet W.
"After getting my massage, I feel very relaxed. To the point of not wanting to get off the massage table.  Marie also relaxed my sciatic nerve so it didn't hurt after her working on it. It totally relaxed the nerve and it didn't grab me after that. She also explained an exercise to keep the muscle relaxed. It worked!! I look forward to my sessions with Marie not only for the massages but for her kind and caring ways.  She is a great massage therapist as well as a great friend. I wish I could get a massage everyday from her. Thanks Marie!!!  Betty C. 
"I used to go to a chiropractor which I didn’t really like. Since I’ve started going to Marie I haven’t been to the chiropractor!! I have learned how to relax more and I love my massages so much more than the chiropractor!!! Life is better!! Marciana M.
"If you love massage like I do, then you want Harmony Body Therapy.  Twice a month without fail, I treat myself to Marie's talents in therapeutic massage.  I always feel better and the aches and pains of daily life always melt away.  I would recommend her as my number one choice for massage in the Verde Valley.  Try it, you'll like it!! Phil M.
"Marie helps me when my muscles are tense. She has taught me how to relax. The deep breathing is one of the best ideas. She is full of good advice. Amy L. - Lake Montezuma"
"I suffered from sciatica and lower back problems before and during two pregnancies and Marie helped to heal me. Not only does she work therapeutically on target areas, but also shows her patients stretches to complement the body work she does. She even acted as a doula when my daughter, Kaitlyn, was born helping me through the difficult stages of early and transitional labor. After my second daughter, Kiara was born, I had a herniated disk which would have required surgery had it not been for the loving hands of Marie. So thanks to Marie, working in harmony with my chiropractor, my ruptured disk returned to normal (close to it) and I did not need surgery. Thanks Marie!"  Alyssa W.
"Even though I am your mother, couldn't I reveal on your site how many years I  have ignored your kind suggestions for using ice?   (Because of my extreme reaction to the cold on my skin.)  And how, FINALLY, I found a way I thought I could try ice (WITH the assistance of her ice packs and the cover for them) just to get what seemed like "everyone" off my back--     When I did try it with the ice pack enveloped in the cover, and applying it on top of my clothing -- IT WORKED LIKE MAGIC!! SO, I guess I'd better listen to my therapist (who also happens to be my daughter) more often!!"  Bev S.
Thank you all for your ongoing support and energy...you are truly the best!!! Marie
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